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Step out Sheffield Health Walks is your local Walking for Health scheme.

 “Step Out Sheffield” is a completely voluntary group,providing weekly Health Walks in the Sheffield area, as part of the National “Walking for Health” scheme. Each one of our 25 walks is led by a team of trained Volunteer Walk Leaders, and without their significant provision of time and commitment the walks would not happen. Since April 2016, when Sheffield City Council withdrew their support as a cost saving measure, the scheme has been managed by an elected committee of volunteers.

We are now the largest volunteer led Health Walk group in the entire “Walking for Health” scheme.

If you fancy walking, socialising, or even want to offer to help us out in some way as a volunteer, why not give us a try! For more information contact our helpline on [075 0563 9524] for further details. 
Assistance dogs are welcome on all our local walks. 
Well behaved, well controlled dogs are welcome on most of our walks provided they are kept on a short lead always. Please ask the volunteers who lead your walk about bringing your dog. The volunteers know their walkers and will know (or will ask) how the established walkers feel about having a dog on the walk.
  A new walk is being piloted at Graves Leisure Centre. It began on 1st September 2017. This walk is run by Step out Sheffield volunteer walk leaders and supported by Move More Clinical Assessment Centre staff. in the long-term we hope to not only get this walk established in our weekly programme of walks but to also provide walks at the Clinical Assesment Centres at Concorde and High Green too.

Great news we won the "Innovation" category of the national competition run by the Ramblers. The photograph below shows our Chair (Dr. Sue Lee) being presented with the award by the Chair of the Ramblers (Des Garrahan) at their Roadshow at Sandown Park on the 13th May 2017.



Our walks are free, fun, friendly and run every week (including school holidays!) – perfect to help you get active and meet new people. If you’d like to take part, all you have to do is come along to the start point of one of our walks a few minutes early, so that one of our trained walk leaders can take your details. Then you’re free to take part in as many walks as you like, as often as you like.    

Hear about our walks via this link to Sheffield live radio 

If you want to know more before you start, just get in touch via the "Contact us" tab at the bottom of the menu or call on 075 0563 9524 or email us on

Our thanks to the following for support with Step out Sheffield start-up funds

Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust
Sheffield Town Trust
The Harry Bottom Charitable Trust
South Yorkshire Community Foundation
The Freshgate Trust Foundation

Our thanks to the Big Lottery Fund for our second year operational costs

  • Walking Works

    Walking works, and we have the proof! The Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support, who run Walking for Health, have launched Walking Works, an extensive overview of the mounting research into the life threatening consequences of inactivity, which concludes that walking is the answer.
    Click on "walking for health" logo to access the national web site.

Health Walks
Why Walk?

Waking is truly accessible - almost everyone can do it anywhere and at any time. It won't cost you anything, and you don't need any fancy equipment to hit the pavement

If you still need convincing, here are a few positive things that walking can do for your health.

Help your heart and lungs work better.
Lower your blood pressure.
Keep your weight down.
Lighten your mood.
Keep your joints, muscles and bones strong.
Increase 'good' cholesterol.

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